Huwebes, Mayo 12, 2011

Dr. Rey B. Aquino leads the distribution of PhilHealth Cards and Stakeholders’ Meeting in Batanes

Dr. Rey B. Aquino, PhilHealth President and CEO, led the distribution of PhilHealth Cards to the less fortunate residents of Batanes on April 28, 2011. The distribution of PhilHealth Cards sponsored by Hon. Henedina R. Abad, Congresswoman, Lone District of Batanes, to 523 recipients brought to more than 800 the total number of indigents enrolled in Batanes.

After the distribution of PhilHealth Cards, an Information and Education Campaign (IEC) was conducted.  Mr. Alberto C. Manduriao, OIC-VP, MMG, discussed on membership requirements while Dr. Maricar M. Arzadon, HCDMD Chief,  had a discussion on availment requirements.

Bearing in mind all the requisites discussed during the IEC, recipients of the PhilHealth Cards went home with an assured access to quality and affordable health care services.

The day before, on April 27, 2011, Dr. Rey B. Aquino, spearheaded the Stakeholder’s Meeting.  Said meeting was participated by local chief executives namely Hon. Vicente D. Gato, Provincial Governor, Hon. Henedina R. Abad, Congresswoman, Lone District of Batanes, Hon. Ferdinand C. Elica, Provincial Vice-Governor, Hon. Demetrius Paul C. Narag, Mayor of Basco, Batanes and Hon. Maxilindo Emilio A. Babalo, Mayor of Sabtang, Batanes. In addition, Chief of Batanes General Hospital, Provincial Health Officer, Municipal Health Officers and Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer were also present during the meeting.

Elvira C. Ver, Regional Vice President, PhRO 1, earnestly welcomed all the participants.  Afterward, status of the province of Batanes in terms of membership coverage and collection was reported by Ms. Josephine Q. Quiton, FOD Chief, PhRO 1.  In addition, benefits availment and accreditation requirements were presented by Dr. Maricar M. Arzadon, HCDMD Chief, PhRO 1.  An open forum immediately ensued that allowed the participants to disclose their impending issues or problems regarding PhilHealth and as well as the concerns of the different local chief executives.

One of the issues highlighted during the open forum was the problems on accreditation of health care facilities with PhilHealth due to lack of physicians in the province.  However, PhilHealth assured the provision of assistance to expedite the accreditation of health care facilities and will be as liberal as possible in the accreditation requirements without compromising quality health care.


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