Sabado, Pebrero 11, 2012

PhRO 1 conducts Press Conference

A press conference was held on February 10, 2012 at the City De Luxe Restaurant, Dagupan City in celebration of the National Health Insurance Month and the same time the PhilHealth 17th Anniversary.  It was attended by various media men and information officers from partner agencies.

The conference was held to introduce the Benefits Agenda for 2012 and beyond. A video presentation to depict a brief look at the challenging 17 years was shown.  Meanwhile, Dr. Maricar M. Arzadon, chief of the Health Care Delivery Management Division welcomed the participants and imparted to everyone the media statement of PhilHealth President and CEO, Dr. Eduardo P. Banzon. 

Dr. Marlene D. Soliba, chief of Benefits Administration Section(BAS) presented the Benefits Agenda. Mr. Gabriel P. Morillo, SIO III, Ms. Madonna P. Valdez, CSIO, Ms. Jerylin M. Felipe, CSIO discussed on the Stats and Charts 2011 of the BAS, Membership and Collection.

The PhilHealth's Race to Universal Health Care Campaign Logo was also launched during the event.  The winning logo depicts a spherical arc of tight-knit blue crosses over the image of a person.  The designer is Mr. John Bermejo, a graphic artist affiliated with a Singapore-based ad agency but entered the contest independently.  The campaign logo will represent and symbolize the significant era of change as a corporation as well as a response and commitment to the call of the administration in the attainment of universal health care in the country.
An open forum immediately ensued the launching of the corporate logo.  Various issues and concerns were clarified and rectified during the open forum

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